Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3/11 Anniversary Project -- Day One

Let's call Feb 1st, 2012, Day One of the 3/11 Anniversary Project.

Sure, Our Man has been running around for a few months behind the virtual scenes cobbling together a team to write an ebook that attempts to answer the question: what does 3/11 mean one year later? But today, the work begins for the team in earnest. The contributors have started contributing and suddenly what seemed pie in the sky before Christmas is most certainly a raw turkey that needs cooking. Something like that.

What is the 3/11 project and what is the Abiko Free Press? The short answer is not sure yet. But this is what is known on Day One:

  • Our Man wanted to do what Quakebook proved was possible to do with technology and willpower in one week to mark one-year on from the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and meltdown.
  • This time, there isn't the immediate need for relief that Quakebook addressed, but there is a massive need to understand what has happened, and what has not since 3/11. And, don't know about you, but Our Man didn't want to leave it to the old men at the Yomiuri Shimbun or the hacks at News Corpse International to tell him what to think. 
  • In other words, there is a hefty need for some serious, professional independent journalism.
  • Seems to Our Man we have the technology (email, twitter and Word 2007) to write our own news, without the need for the tycoons. 
  • What we independents don't have is the money.
  • But we do have royalties. And all will be split equally between contributors. How? Not quite sure yet, but watch this space.
  • Contributors? What contributors? Details will follow.

By the way, Our Man had hoped to finish his Half-Life novel and launch that before the 3/11 anniversary project got underway, as a kind of trial balloon to smooth out all the wrinkles before this project got going, but life (and more radical rewrites than expected) got in the way. If he can publish that though, he will as soon as possible but the anniversary is a deadline that can't be missed.

We have until 3/11/2012 to publish this book.

And we shall.

Details to follow on who is contributing.